It may seem extremely difficult to choose a good topic on financing and accounting dissertation mainly because the subject covers huge amount of area. It is quite essential to find a topic which is interesting, relevant and manageable and would also be your potential career path all at once. Also, you’d like to have a topic which shall impress the dissertation advisor and fall under the area of expertise. You’ve got to consider a lot of things so as to inspire you and let you get started. Our team has come up with lists of potential topics of all kinds to help you with the subject of finance and accountancy.

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

This topic attracts quite significantly attention from the individuals irrespective of the size of the international development organizations or non-governmental organizations. Constant efforts have been put into growing microfinance through out the corporate or banking sector. These topics make it a point to investigate ways by which microfinance can revolutionise the financial sector in the UK.

List of Topics:

  • The growth of microfinance industry in banking in UK.
  • The role of microfinance in alleviating poverty and increased economic growth.
  • A comparative study between Asia and Europe on financial viability.

Commercial and Retail Banking Dissertation Topics

Their main focus being relatively on decline, it still happens to be the most important intermediary in terms of finance when it comes to banking industry. Both retail & commercial banks have played an ineligible role in reaching the population which is based mostly in the semi-urban and rural areas. They have also provided the huge population with the population with the much needed financial services. The topics need how vastly has the banking sector changed to accommodate and understand the very dynamic financial demands as well as highlight the various impacts of banking on several economic segments.

List of Topics:

  • How are banks responsible in UK for the growth of SMES.
  • Investigating into risk management in the sector of banking.
  • Studying the agricultural productivity with respect to credit flow.

Financing in the Emerging Market Dissertation Topics

Due to stronger fundamentals as well as greater scope for investments, financial prospects in the emerging economy such as China, Brazil, Russia and India have shown a significant increase in recent times. The major organisations throughout the world have been trying really hard to make their footprints stronger in these markets and provide a broader scope to their business by getting their own big chunk of share in the markets.

List of Topics:

  • A comparative study of the FDI strategies in Asia and Europe.
  • Challenges faced in emerging economies by financial institution.
  • Impact on emerging economies by foreign direct investment.

Alternative Investment – Finance Dissertation Titles

The financial markets are getting more and more volatile as the number of investors who buy alternative investments like private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds as well as SIES / EIS funds are increasing. Researchers and studies in the banking industry has showed that the increased number of investors in investments is due to the huge margin of returns and comparatively reduced volatile nature of the market. Also, it is quite essential to understand that the alternate options of investment do not correlate typically with the stock market. Hence, they are more complex than traditional in nature.

List of Topics:

  • Hedge Funds: Risk diversities, return enhancers or both.
  • Various investors and private equity market in the UK.
  • The growing popularity of mutual funds and index.

CSR in Banking Industry – Finance Dissertation Topics

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of the banking industry. This industry unlike other industries does not cause consequences which are detrimental for e.g., pollution. However, the financial sector does impact financial stability in the modern world. As banks are responsible directly of the depositors, the way through which they conduct their financial services and products have far-reaching socio-economic implications. Thus, an integral part in the banking industry is corporate management strategy. The key objective is to earn more profits for the owners and shareholders by the banking sector. It is believed that the operations conducted by them is done in a manner which lets them fulfil the social obligations that they have towards their society.

List of Topics:

  • Bank practices and regimes in CSR.
  • Case study regarding social responsible banking.
  • Financial institution and terrorism banking.

Risk Management – Finance Dissertation Topics

The Federal Reserve System has framework of risks which consists of six factors that are operational, legal, liquidity, reputation risks and credit liquidity. The above mentioned factors are known to be an integral part of the risk management policies of any financial institution. This has a huge impact ultimately on the various cusses of the institution.

List of Topics:

  • Risk management related to foreign exchange in the UK.
  • Evolution and analysis of return and risk in UK selected banks.
  • Business continuity plans and operational risk in UK banking industry.

These are some of the most common dissertation topics about which you can do some really good writing and present an impressive article for the readers.

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